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reflex-Active WiRElESS EARBuDS Sporty, black rubber paint finish, wireless earbuds featuring: Bluetooth Version 5.2, five-hour call time, five-hour total playing time with 25 hours of play time combined with case charge. it has a 15-20 m wireless range. Volume and music touch control, stereo phone calls and active noise cancellation. Once used, the charging case gives you one hour’s charging time and two hours’ bottom base charge time. uS$40 eL999 NEW

reflex-Active CHill BluETOOTH SPEAKER get connected! An outdoor, dust-, water- and shockproof black, satin finish speaker featuring a 5 W power output with eight hours’ play time off 2,5-3 hours of charge. With its 10 m wireless range, it can be connected to more than one speaker to create a bigger party audio experience. Includes a lanyard attachment. Type C USB charge port. uS$45 eL997 NEW

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