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Johnnie Walker GOlD lABEl RESERVE Johnnie Walker ® Gold Label Reserve™ is a specially blended scotch whisky based on the uncompromising craftsmanship of today’s master blender, plus seven generations of unbroken blending expertise. The flavour and character of the blend are paramount; it is drawn from an unrivalled palette to create this celebratory blend. it’s an authentic whisky crafted for versatility; a whisky that brings out the boldness in individuals who have both attitude and tenacity. 1 litre uS$45 Lr814 NEW

The African marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea) is also known as the elephant or marriage tree. Elephants, as well as many other animals, will travel far and wide to snack on the delicious plum-sized fruits. The myth that they become drunk on the fermented fruit is just that, but the fruit is full of vitamin C and enjoyed by all once the elephants have shaken them off the trees.


Amarula CREAM Amarula is authentically African, made from the uncultivated, sun-ripened, hand-harvested organic fruit of the sacred marula tree. This is blended with exotic ingredients to create distinctive and unique tastes for all to enjoy on any occasion. The original cream liqueur, made from the delicious marula fruit of sub-equatorial Africa, the marula spirit is distilled and aged in French oak for two years. it’s then blended with our velvety cream to create the smooth taste of Amarula – best savoured over ice, preferably with a view! TASTING NOTES: Fresh, smooth and well-rounded. Full, creamy taste with hints of exotic marula fruit, both in the mouth and in the delicious after-taste. 1 litre uS$19 Lr356


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